1928918_10208335721374630_1361851207183898702_nHi, my name is Steve.  I used to be a rebel, and in more than one way. However there was one path of rebellion that trumped all of the others. I was rebelling against the God of the universe. I didn’t like His way of doing things so I lived my life the way that I wanted to. How bad was my rebellion? Well according to the Bible it was bad enough for me to be called an enemy of God. I was a hater of God and because of this, I was seperated from Him and under His just condemnation. I had no desire to change my ways and follow God. But when I was nineteen this God, who was my enemy, offered me peace and reconciliation. Over 2,000 years ago He sent His son Jesus to die for my sin and rebellion, in my place, so that I could be forgiven and reconciled to the God that I had rejected for so long. Because of His amazing grace I repented of my sins and turned to God. I have recieved redemption through the blood of Jesus and now I live my life for His glory. I am a redeemed rebel.


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