Calvinism Isn’t Cool

Calvinism isn’t Cool.


Calvinism isn’t cool.


I am a Calvinist. That doesn’t mean that I am a devout follower of a dead theologian who wrote some good books. In fact, I haven’t read a whole lot of John Calvin’s works. I am, however, a follower of Jesus Christ, who holds to some doctrines that some call “Calvinism”. I prefer to use the term, “doctrines of Grace”, but for the sake of this note, I will use the word Calvinism. Basically what that means is that I believe God is sovereign over ever single thing that happens in our universe, including our salvation. Yes there are calls in scripture for us to have faith, repent, believe in Jesus and obey Jesus, but it is also clear in scripture that God is the author behind all of this. “No one comes to the Father unless God draws them.”-Jesus. God is in control of salvation and only those whom He predestined for His glory will end up putting their faith in Christ. And whether you agree with these doctrines or not we should agree that there is something wrong with many people who hold to these doctrines. And that is this, they think being a “Calvinist” or being “reformed” is cool. They don’t just believe these doctrines to be true, they think it’s cool. And I am one of them. But it’s not “cool”. There was a lot of blood sweat and tears put into these doctrines by our forefathers. If it wasn’t for their hard work, who knows whether or not we would still have them. Calvin, Luther, Augustine, Spurgeon, Whitefield, Lloyd Jones and many others put countless hours into preaching these truths and defending these truths, and it wasn’t so that we could be the cool kids of Christianity. We probably all know someone who is like this. They have the occasional beer, smoke the occasional cigar, all while quoting dead theologians and marvelling at the sovereignty of God. Not only that, but we have T-shirts. We get tattoos that somehow incorporate the five points of grace or the five Solas of the Reformation. We have rap artists. We have that look we give our Calvinist friends when we hear a reference to predestination in our favourite reformed rap song. We have memes on the internet that generally poke fun at our Arminian brothers. We love to use our freedoms in Christ to have a good time. We love to read Calvinistic authors and talk about what we read. But sadly it is not always for the sake of our edification, it is often because we think it’s cool. We love hanging out with fellow Calvinists and keeping these glorious doctrines to ourselves instead of pleading with our brothers and sisters and reasoning with them from scriptures. Why? Because it’s cool to hangout with other Calvinists. But Calvinism isn’t cool. It was never about being cool. It was never about the right to drink a beer, smoke a cigar, get a tattoo, getting our own t-shirts, making our own memes etc. The Doctrines of Grace are some of the most amazing, breath taking doctrines of the entire Bible(when properly explained and understood). These doctrines have changed us and helped us to see a side of God that many of us once refused to see. Our eyes have been opened to see His sovereignty and His glory like we never saw them before. We have seen the depths of His love and the riches of His grace explode off the pages of scriptures. And we sit around and talk about how great it is to be reformed. In the book of Ephesians, Paul talks about seeking to understand the breadth, length, height, and depth of the love of Christ. And he instructs us to do this TOGETHER. I truly believe that the doctrines of grace help us to see the depths of the love of Christ. So let’s stop getting together and talking about how cool Calvinism is and let us search together with our Calvinist and non-Calvinist brothers alike, and explore the word of God together. There is no room in Christianity for “the cool kids”. Every follower of Christ is entitled to the deep doctrines of the Bible, some just need your help to see them in the scriptures. So together, let’s stop being cool. If we really believe that these doctrines are life changing then we are obligated to discuss them with those who hold to a different view. Let us invite them to our hangouts, let us discuss and debate with them. It’s not about being cool, it’s about being faithful to the scriptures and seeking together to search the depths of Gods love. I know it’s going to take me a while to apply this to my life, but I will try. I hope you will join me.



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